It’s begun.

The time when you eagerly check your little dirt squares encased with germinating seeds every morning; making sure they’re watered correctly, ensuring they’re getting the right amount of sunlight, and waiting impatiently for that first sprout of green!

This is what I’ve been doing every day since last weekend when Jordan and I planted our seeds. Last year I used a tray with dirt pods that expand when you pour water on them, and it seemed to work, so I did the same this year.

Things I didn’t mention in the video that should be mentioned…
1. Cut or poke vents in the lids if you’re going to use them. The plants need ventilation!
2. Place you’re seeds in a sunny spot after you’ve planted.
3. It is a good idea to start your seeds inside if temperatures outside still reach freezing, or gets below that. Once the temperature starts warming up and your little plants have grown a bit, start putting your plants outside during the day or for a few hours to get them used to the temperatures outside. Once you’ve done this for a few weeks, and there is no more risk for freezing temperatures, leave your plants outside all the time for at least a week or two before you plant so they won’t go into shock from the elements when they’re in the ground.
4. This is my first video, woo hoo! But if you have any other questions on starting your seeds, feel free to comment and ask! Also, for those of you who’ve use this method and also the more traditional method where you buy and empty tray and fill with soil, have you found that one way is better than the other?


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