Seedling Update!

Just four days after planting and it’s here! The first sprout!

Sunflower Sprout

Sunflower Sprout

I believe this is the first moment you feel the satisfaction of gardening. You have carefully and tenderly placed two or three seeds in each dirt-filled pod, watered, and you wait until your efforts are rewarded with a simple little green sprout. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve put your heart and soul into that paper for school and you get a large A+ written in red at the top of your paper in return; when you’ve slaved over a hot stove, burned yourself a few times, sliced and diced 10 million vegetables, and finally see the faces of your guests melt with pleasure at their first bite; or when you’ve sacrificed your personal time to do overtime to get your project done at work and your boss–who rarely recognizes hard work–takes the time to tell you you’ve done a great job. This is why I garden, my friends. And the feeling only increases as you watch your plants grow bigger and bigger until you’ve make your first fresh meal with goods from YOUR garden that YOU’VE worked hard for.

But along with this sprouting, I found something else sprouting that is not good–you may have spotted it in the picture. Mold! This is the first time this has happened to me so I quickly researched what to do. I found a few people who recommended to scrape off the mold as best you could, and sprinkle cinnamon on your seedlings (that’s the light brown stuff in the picture). This process may have to be repeated a few times, but it’s the most natural way I found to get rid of the mold without using a harmful chemical on my fragile seeds that I spent so much time searching for without being chemically altered.

If you have another way to get rid of the mold, using natural products, please let me know! Until then, we’ll see how this works. I’ll keep you all posted.


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