Seedling Update 2

Another seedling update. Here’s where they are in the growing process:


As you can see, I’ve now transitioned them outside so they can start getting used to the different elements (colder weather, wind, rain, more heat), although I still bring them in when the weather forecasts freezing temperatures. It is important to do this to your seedlings at least 3 week prior to planting! Otherwise, they may go into shock if you just stick them in the ground. The key is to slowly introduce them to the outdoors; place them outside during the warmer times of the day for a few hours and take them in at night. Then after a week of that, leave them outdoors throughout the entire day and night in a sheltered area, only bringing them inside if the weather is supposed to get below freezing.

In the middle planter, towards the left you’ll see the snap peas and cucumbers growing like crazy. I am eager to get these planted so the roots can get stronger by growing down but I have to wait because of the risk of frost. I will probably plant the snap peas and lettuce early because they can handle a bit of the cold weather.

Only two of my sunflowers came up, but that’s okay, they’re experimental this year anyhow. On the right we have the corn; doing very well. I actually replanted the corn after the mold incident. The cinnamon did the trick for the other plants, but the mold was too much to contain with the corn so I threw them out and started new. Also, as soon as I took the plants outside any remaining issues with mold cleared up right away. There just must not have been enough circulation of air in the spot I had them inside. While inside, the cinnamon seemed to have been a barrier from the mold and the plant because the mold did continue to grow, but only on top of the cinnamon which I often scraped off and reapplied to the seedlings.

On the left we have tomatoes, jalapenos, and the different types of pepper plants all growing. These took a little longer to sprout but they’re coming in full blast now! My bell peppers are also just starting to come up in the middle tray. Now I just have to wait for Mother Nature to warm up to get these little guys in the ground.


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