“It’s like Fort Knox to the Rabbits”

We finally finished the last piece to constructing the garden before we could plant, rain and all!

It was a long day and wet day that started with trudging into the mud with my pink floral rain boots to take out the wood and fencing from my old garden at my dad’s house. I was all by my lonesome because Jordan had to work and my dad no longer lives at that house anymore (he rents it out). I’m actually quite proud because little ol me got the four boards unscrewed (two 9’x6″s and two 7’x6″s), the fence all pulled off, and loaded the muddy items in my car making as little mess as possible. As I did this a neighbor was outside ducked under an awing smoking a cigarette, blatantly staring at me like I was crazy (probably wondering why in the world I had chosen this rainy day to do such a thing) as I placed the large boards in my trunk.

“Do you need help?”

“Nope, I got it!”

“…Cause that doesn’t seem right, you doing that all by yourself.”

I wash my hands in the stream of water flowing on the street, look up and confidently state that I have it all under control and that I’m finished (all within about 20 minutes! Woot). Getting this done was a huge feat because I had been meaning to do this chore for about two months.

So then I drove around to three different places that sold plants in search for green beans because, sigh, mine didn’t sprout. But the mission proved to be fruitless (literally! ba-da-tish) as I arrived at Jordan’s without green beans. It was my plan to plant green beans, snap peas, and lettuce on this day because they are able to withstand a little cold (although snap peas are still a little move sensitive than green beans or lettuce). I just needed to get the snap peas in the ground because they were growing in the little dirt pods like wildfire; I didn’t want to lose them or stunt their growth by not allowing the roots to grow down.

Here’s the snap peas after planting. I also planted lettuce but the picture turned out blurry because of the rain, I’ll post another picture of those guys soon. To be honest my lettuce looks like it needs some help, I think I started the seeds too early and stunted their growth. I may throw some seeds down to see if they’ll take. Anyway, here’s the sugar snaps!


I used old tomato cages, turned them upside down, and twisted the ends together for a support structure for them so I didn’t have to buy or really construct anything.

When Jordan finally got home from work we used the wood from my old garden as an extra border to staple the fencing to. We did this because the railroad ties are in pretty rough shape and have some holes in them that the rabbits could sneak through. There was just enough wood left from my old garden to border the three sides open for bunnies to enter, wherever there was a gap we just stacked some bricks to block them out. It added a little style to it if I do say so myself.

I almost had enough fencing from my old garden but luckily I kept the leftovers from last year in my garage. The fencing is 1/2″ gauge chicken wire. I started with 1″ last year but found that the baby bunnies could still squeeze in. After replacing it with the 1/2″ I didn’t have any rabbit issues. Here she is all finished, and me with soaking wet pants and my pink floral rain boots:


Pay no attention to the awkward hand position. I think they may have been sore; you could say I went a little crazy stapling the fence. Jordan had to tell me to calm down, “it’s like Fort Knox to rabbits.”

“Well good! That’s the point.”


One thought on ““It’s like Fort Knox to the Rabbits”

  1. We had to bunny-proof our hosta garden. I’m sure that the tips of hostas–as they burst through the ground–are like asparagus tips to rabbits. Delicious!


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